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About us

QuickPort was established in 2003 in Tallinn, Estonia as a ship agency. Since the very first days that company has been dynamically developing has grown to two major departments.

Ship Cargo Truck

Main activities of the company


Logistics and oversized cargo transportation


Freight forwarding, ship agency, ship supply


Our main destinations






QuickPort is proud of our highly qualified personnel. The firm’s personnel don’t let themselves to lag behind the progress in industry. Due to the training program new technologies are constantly introduced resulting in shortening time to provide services to our clients and widening their range.

Prices policy

The company’s price policy is to find the best solution with every customer.

Flexibility, productivity and effectiveness of work of the company allow us to keep the prices below the average European level making the partnership with us more profitable for our partners.

Flexibility of the company’s policy implies that we are always ready to meet requirements and conditions of our clients to the maximum possible extent.

Our main points on quality policy

Relationship with the partners

  • To be reliable for our clients
  • To fulfill our partners’ wishes and follow demands providing services without delay and securing quality

Adaptation and development ability

  • The key position of our company is learning process, that helps our people keep professionally high level
  • The company is in a constant process of development to keep ourselves up-to-date in rapidly changing surroundings

Works quality

  • Job quality is very important in competition; high quality is a ground for our future jobs and profits
  • Our products and services have to be correct and at the same time on high quality level during all execution process
  • High-quality product price and quality ratio is well achieved throughout quality management. This leads to growing capacity of our partners and ourselves

Quality-Informed people

  • To discover possible errors at the earliest stage and immediately eliminate causes
  • To plan a project and organize work considering possible human mistakes and eliminate any negative influence
  • To study our own and others’ experience and mistakes
  • Being diligent in further development and achieving set quality aims

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